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HP 2300 pickup roller
HP 2300 pickup roller

2300 pick up roller T1(RC1-0945) 2300 pick up roller T1(RC1-0945),HP3500(RC1-1535)
2300 separation pad T1(RC1-0939) 2300 separation pad T1(RC1-0939),2420,2400,2410,P2015(RL1-1524),P3005,3500,3550,3700,5200
2300 separation pad T1  assembly(RM1-0345) 2300 separation pad T1  assembly(RM1-0345)
2300 separation pad T2(RC1-0954) 2300 separation pad T2(RC1-0954)





We are the professional manufacturer of the Printer and Copier consumables and parts.

*we can supply many kinds of the swing gear,  Fuser upper roller, Lower sleeved roller, pressure roller, printer  pickup roller tire and so on computer & printer&Copier spare parts.


1000 pick up roller (RF0-1008) 6L pick up roller (RB2-1634)
1000 separation pad (RF0-1014) 6L pick up roller - Idler roller
1000 feed roller (RA0-1198) 6L separation pad (RB1-7181)
1010 pick up roller (RC1-2030) 6L separation pad (RY7-5077)
1010 separation pad (RC1-2038) 6L paper feed assembly
1010 separation pad  assembly(RM1-0648) 8000 pick up roller T1(RB1-6730)
1022 separation pad (RM1-2048) 8000 pick up roller T2(RF5-1834)
1022 separation pad  assembly(RM1-2048) 8000 pick up roller T2(RF5-1835)
1100 pick up roller (RB2-4026) 8000 pick up tire (RB1-6581Tire)
1100 PAPER FEED - Separation Sub Pad Kit(RY7-5050) 8000 separation pad (RF5-1455)
1100 PAPER FEED - Separation Pad (Arm)  8000 feed roller 
1100 separation pad (RF5-2886) 8000 Paper Feed Roller (RB1-6561)
1100 feed roller (RB2-3912) 8000 paper feed assembly tire (RB1-6581)
1120C pick up roller  8100 pick up roller T1(RB1-9526)
1180,1280 pick up roller  rubber  8100 pick up roller T2(RF5-2708)
1320 PAPER FEED - Paper Pickup Drive Shaft (RC1-3471) 8100 separation pad T1(RF5-2703)
1320 pick up roller (RL1-0540) 9000 Separation Roller T2(RF5-3338)
1320 pick up roller sensor 9000 pick up roller T2(RF5-3340)
1320 PAPER FEED - Idler Roller  9000 pick up roller (RF5-3403)
1320 separation pad (RM1-1298) 9000 pick up roller (RF5-3404)
2100 pick up roller T1(RB2-2900) CP1215 pick up roller 
2100 pick up roller T2(RB2-2891) II pick up roller (RA1-3851)
2100 separation pad T1(RB2-2835) P1008 pick up roller (RL1-1442)
2100 separation pad T1(RF5-3272) P1008 separation pad (RM1-4006)RC2-10
2100 separation pad T2(RB2-3008) P1505 pick up roller (RL1-1497)
2300 pick up roller T1(RC1-0945) P1505 separation pad (RM1-4207)
2300 separation pad T2(RC1-0954) P2035 pick up roller (Manual)
2420 pick up roller T1(RL1-0568) P2035 pick up roller(RM1-6414)
2420 pick up roller T2(RL1-0542) P2035 separation pad (Manual)
2500 separation pad T1(RF5-4012) P2035 separation pad Holder Assembly (RM1-6397)
2600 pick up roller T2(RC1-5440) P2055 pick up roller  (Manual)
2600 separation pad (RM1-1922) P3005 pick up roller (RL1-1370)
3500 pick up roller T1(RC1-1535) P3005 Pickup Roller Assembly (RM1-3763)
3500 pick up roller T2(RM1-0731) 3600 pick up roller -T1(RM1-2741)
3500 separation pad  3600 pick up roller -T2(RM1-2702)


Product Details:
Type Fuser Roller
Brand Name H-P
Model Number 2300
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
FOB Price: Get Latest Price
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Piece/Pieces
Port: Shenzhen
Packaging Details: Neutral packing
Delivery Time: within 3 days after getting the payment
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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